Exclusive Executive Mentoring

Focused on Executives, Directors, and Team Leaders.

We work to achieve your personal self-development.

What do we offer you?

Access to your power as a Human Leader, who thinks clearly and confidently, capable of making decisions calmly in complex or chaotic situations.

Become a Leader less stressed, less disordered, unpredictable or victimist

Our goal is to make your life and professional intentions, happen.

Executive Mentoring

Comprehensive 360º, Learn, Experiment, Create and Share

Ability, passion, and commitment to create transformative leadership based on Strategy, People Development and Operations



As a Leader you are responsible for the development of your team. I teach you how to make small pilots, to learn and experiment, and measure them with the objective of creating, sharing, and growing your Team.

Facilitation and Mentoring

Facilitation and Mentoring

Personal transformation is not an easy process. This are not courses and training or filling a sticker album. During mentoring you learn through “Learning by Doing” by building new habits.



Managing a change process is not an intentional process, but rather one that takes shape according to the decisions made by people. For this, it is important to work on complexity and human behavior.

Individual Mentoring Online

Designed to encourage and drive learning, change and development processes. Achieve personal and organizational excellence.

Individual Mentoring Face to Face

Constant learning to be excellent at taking advantage of opportunities and transforming difficulties into positive actions that contribute to the achievement of increasingly higher goals.

Why Javier Sole?

You are the main character of your self-development. Our role is to go along with you throughout this process of helping you to identify your development challenges, select the skills you want to work on, and land them in specific projects so that you can execute them with discipline.

The purpose of this Mentoring program is to help you to develop skills (regular, observable, and measurable behaviors), to incorporate new habits and to build the character required to assume leadership responsibilities.

We agree on a goal that is the basis of the Mentoring, and we work together to achieve it. We will develop the necessary skills to build your leadership by working on accountability and personal discipline.

Maybe you have wrong paradigms of what it means to be a Leader. Along our path, we will try to identify opportunities for improvement and what are the necessary practices to move towards excellence.

We work with the “From Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side” model. In this model, knowledge, ideas, and experiences, are first shared, and then a conversation begins where the mentored person experiences a process of shared discovery, based on the knowledge shown during the beginning.

+10 years working on new models of personal growth, learning and self-development

Training based on 6 areas of Development and Learning


Social & Relation

Conscious Leader

Change Agent

Effectiveness & Habits


About my Training and Experience


I grew up in Industrial Engineering and throughout my career I have been enabling my training in methodologies such as Lean, Agile, Mng3.0, Personal Effectiveness, and habits.
Although, my life has always been around people:
How to make them live better in their daily lives?
How to achieve the company's objectives by working with a highly motivated, aligned, and self-organized team?
How to create conscious leaders who grow and make organizations grow?
Complicated questions, although easy to solve, if you have the appropriate tools, such as Personal and Relational Analysis, Leadership Skills, Change Agent, and first-level techniques such as Mng 3.0, Lean Change or the use of Meditation and Effectiveness in personal and professional habits.
My training is not only based on a theoretical aspect, but a good part of what I learned, comes from my experience with teams, with people and immersing myself in environments in which I have worked, to absorb all the possible knowledge that I can, and then share to co-create with the team.


I have worked in top-level companies like Industrial, Automobile, Appliances, and Technology sectors, as well as the services sector.
My work in these organizations has always been basically the same. Manage as a team the entire global range of operations to meet customer requirements, both external and internal.
Necessary and sufficient overview, starting from the basis that the sum of the local optima is not equal to the global optimum: Doing things correctly is not enough, it is more important to do things that are correct to achieve the goal of the organization.
This goal as Distributed Innovation is only achievable with the sum of technical skills, knowledge, and motivation of all the people who work on it.
Define Objectives, Communicate, Plan, Focus on what is Important, and Iterate continuously without giving up. Working on motivation in teams is basic based on factors such as Purpose, Mastery, Autonomy, Connection and of course Psychological Safety.
Inspiring people is part of my experiential DNA.


What people say about me

Your opinion is very important to us, as it helps us improve our services, and offer a better experience to our customers.

+ than 50 satisfied customers
Business Director
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“I contacted Xavier 3 months ago after following him for years on social media. The idea was to promote my professional development and work with my life and professional purpose.”
Student Executive
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“Xavier is a Professional who teaches you to understand and reflect on what we are working on. A timely reflection always avoids making a bad decision.”
Team Manager
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“I am not very good at giving testimonials or writing reviews, but to describe the mentoring carried out with Javier, I have to say that it is an experience in which I learned how to be a better professional”
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“It is not very difficult to explain how Javier is like. His life has always been about serving and helping things work better. If you have something to solve or a goal to achieve, he will not stop until you achieve it."

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Why do people and companies contact us?

There are some behaviors that we observe in people who have a need to do something different in their personal and professional lives, or simply feel that they are overloaded. Our job consists of helping them and generating a guarantee of growth, evolution, and development.

Some of these behaviors or symptoms that people ask us about, could be similar to the following:

  • Leadership problems and capacity for change.
  • Lack of innovative and creative victories.
  • Reduced commitment and motivation to work.
  • Time wasted or work wasted.
  • Too many emails/meetings.
  • Overwhelmed and overloaded people
  • Low vitality and personal energy
  • Problems managing the BAU.
  • Stress, work fatigue and Burnout.

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01. Contact us

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02. We guide you

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03. We work on your Challenges

03. We work on your Challenges

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04. Retrospective

04. Retrospective

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