Working Team I

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Working Team I


1.1 Definition. What a Working team is?:

A Working Team is a group of persons with diferent and complementary roles and functions, and they are united with the formulation of common objectives or goals. All the components of the Working Team must have a strong sense of belonging to it and awareness of their duty or responsabilities with respect to group.


The existence in the company of several working teams assure the success of the company it in two aspects:

  • Motivate individuals, because the relationship between bosses and subordinates is a human contact that motivates.
  • The particular objectives of each one should be integrated within the general objectives or goals of the company.

Is necessary not to keep track of that the Working Team consists of persons. Very often within a group, a big part of the power team is wasted in order not to analize what is happening in the group in each personal level.


There a previous number of personal problems that can slow the integration of the working Team:


  1. IDENTITY: What’s my role within this group? The environment of the group can facilitate that the person that has just arrived, discover her/his identity soon, and this will influence the perfomance of this person within the Working Team.
  2. FINALITY: What they demand me? What they offer me? While the person doesn’t know anything about his role or function, his/her contribution use to be poor, and that’s why there is a need to set fast goals and objectives.
  3. ASSOCIATION: Until where can I be myself within this group? Spontaneity influences the performance. Working happy and easy within the team allows us to do it better.
  4. POWER: What kind of control can I perform in the group? Who I can control and who I can’t? Power is not good or bad, but every of us wish it; in other words, we use to wish and perform control over the rest of the components of the group.


Some Working Team Performance Standards:

– The group goals have to be formulated explicitly.

– The leader must suggest a plan for every action of the group.