Working Team II

1.2 Groups and Classification:

Groups can be classified acording the following criteria:


1. Kind of relationship between the members

  • Main: The relationships are intense.


– Natural and daily (family, friends). Inmediate membership. The rules aren’t written. They can be changes.

– Artificial or occasional: There is a rule or an appointment.

– Temporary.

– A long lasting.

  • Secondary: They have objectives and structure. They belong to a system (organization, nation, school, etc.)


2. The own consideration of the members to the group:

  • Own:

– Membership: one in which lies at a given time.

– Reference: belongs to only one (or two). Identification of members with value systems and standards thereof.

  • Alien.


3. According the number of common features of the members.

– Homogeneous.

– Heterogenous.


4. According the goal or objective:

– Working groups: Their objective is to develop a productive work. (articles, services,etc)

– Self-Experience groups: Their main objective is to reflect on own group behavior and on individual behavior within the group.

– Discussion: This a solving problems group. They can be sorted in:

  • Obligatory subject.
  • Free subject
  • Free subject within a general subject.

– Education,

– sensitization

– therapeutic


Some Working Team Performance Standards:

– All the members of the group must work for a specific common objective.

– The feelings of each member of the group must have in mind.



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