Working Team III

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Working Team III


1.3 Working group Objectives.


Every working group has two kinds of objectives.

a. Working groups orientated to the task assigned to the team.

b. Working groups orientated to the personal needs of the groups members.


The individuals set down objectives to their groups, objectives that influences their behavior in a similar way as they do in their personal objectives.

The objectives that the individuals set to the group, or the avoidances set to the group, can trigger in the appearence of tensioned systems.


1.4 Work applications of the group.


Work in group is specially useful for:


  1. Sort out complex matters.
  2. Contribute to creative solutions.
  3. Learning.
  4. Involve  the people to make decisions and applied them.
  5. Sensitize them.
  6. Change their attitudes.


1.5 Working group Benefits


A – Individual perfomance compared to group perfomance.


  1. The mere presence of others increases the Individual motivation level that develops the task, due that the person has the expectation of being evaluated in their performance.
  2. The group judgements are above the individual judgment, in the tasks that imply an eventual error or mistake.
  3. The groups use to produce more and better solutions about the problems, than the individuals use to do.
  4. The groups learn faster than the individuals.
  5. More number of ideas are produced and this are more radicals, both by individuals and groups, once the critical evaluation of ideas are suspended over the production period of time; as it occurs during the brainstorming.
  6. Working in group let the participation of specialists in differents matters.
  7. The exposition in conflicting points of view avoid the partial vision of the problems.
  8. Working in group stimulates implication and the approach of the people.
  9. Group decisions are, often, more easily accepted and more easily put into practice for its members that the decisions made for only one person.
  10. The perfomance quality of the group, measured for the time and for mistakes, diminishes when the difficulty of the task raises.


B- Personal satisfactions.


People join in group to satisfy some personal need. In addition facilitating the achievement of the task, the group satisfies some personal needs of their members. For example:


  1. Satisfy the affiliation need.
  2. Promotes interpersonal attraction.
  3. Promotes carry out activities specially grateful.


Some Working Team Performance Standards:

– The information have to be free shared between the members.

– Each member has to give and receive «Feed Back» about their feelings into the group.